Facebook Instagram Down in Global Outage

Facebook Instagram Down in Global Outage

Meta Description: Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger face widespread outages, impacting users worldwide.

Major social media networks owned by Meta, including Instagram, Threads, and Facebook, suffered a widespread outage on Tuesday. This disruption was confirmed by Netblocks, an organization that monitors internet activity.

Netblocks stated, "Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger are currently experiencing outages related to login sessions in multiple countries."

Downdetector, a website dedicated to tracking outages, corroborated these reports. Downdetector indicated that tens of thousands of users globally were unable to access the platforms.

Citing Reuters, the technical issues appear to have begun around 10 am Eastern Time. Downdetector received over 300,000 outage reports for Facebook and approximately 40,000 for Instagram.

Additionally, Meta's status dashboard revealed problems with the WhatsApp Business application programming interface (API).

Downdetector, which gathers status reports from various sources (including user-submitted reports), registered around 200 outage reports for WhatsApp.

The outage quickly trended on X (formerly known as Twitter). Numerous users expressed their frustration after being unexpectedly logged out of their Meta accounts.

“We’re aware people are having trouble accessing our services. We are working on this now,” Meta spokesperson Andy Stone stated in a X social media post.

Netblocks clarified that the incident does not appear linked to "country-level internet disruptions or filtering".

In Pakistan, reports of these issues surfaced after 8 pm. This, combined with the government's continued throttling of X (previously Twitter), has significantly limited social media access for internet users within the country.

It's worth noting that Facebook and Instagram also experienced a joint outage in June of 2023.

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