Anne Hathaway's Steamy Older Woman Romance


Anne Hathaway's Steamy Older Woman Romance

Anne Hathaway stars in a sizzling new romance film alongside Nicholas Galitzine. Prime Video has unveiled the first trailer for  "The Idea of You", a film adaptation of Robinne Lee's acclaimed 2017 novel.

The synopsis offers this glimpse: "Solène (Hathaway, 41), a single mother, finds herself chaperoning her teenage daughter's trip to Coachella after her ex abandons his responsibilities. Fate intervenes when she meets Hayes Campbell (Galitzine, 29), sparking a fiery and undeniable passion."

"Their whirlwind romance soon grapples with the complications of fame. Solène must decide if the allure of Hayes' world justifies the sacrifices it demands."

Fans see echoes of Harry Styles' younger persona in the Hayes character,  but Lee has clarified that this isn't a biographical story.

"The Idea of You"  is co-written by Jennifer Westfeldt and Michael Showalter, with Showalter at the helm as director. The film's cast includes Ella Rubin, Reid Scott, Annie Mumolo, Viktor White, Raymond Cham, Jaiden Anthony, and Dakota Adan.

Mark your calendars – "The Idea of You" hits Prime Video on May 2nd.

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